XXXX company is in 1985 in order to pass the test evaluation technology support to improve industrial technology was established and the test evaluation institutions, is developed and advanced country's test, the authentication mechanism, exchanges and cooperation of some representative institution. In order to protect domestic industry all kinds of the authentication system has gradually perfect, to protect consumer safety and environment of the importance of various system is increasing day by day, KTL in order to adapt to the development of the situation, from product development to obtain the authentication of the whole stage provides support, to help enterprises to improve technical ability and have stronger competitive ability.

In order to the two countries between enterprise and the authentication institutions and clients organic business contact and meet customer demand, XXXX company in Hong Kong and southeast Asia established firm, provides the high-quality service for the customer, to increase enterprise to south Korean exports and the development of enterprises to contribute. In order to solve customers obtain the authentication and the national non-tariff technical barriers, already and 35 countries 67 test the authentication institutions signed agreement (MOU), to obtain overseas specifications the authentication, offer all kinds of safety and quality certification, inspection, information, technology education and support. 

Our services: the authoritative authentication, rigorous standard, perfect and considerate service, reasonable fair cost, remove you in the authentication of trouble back at home. 
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CE "mark is a kind of security authentication marks, be regarded 

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