CE "mark is a kind of security authentication marks, be regarded 

Patent copyright

Patent doesn't have to transfer by the Patent Office to agency, 

Industry the authentication 

The service

Import waste raw material quality control, staff training, 

The company registered

Hong Kong registered company

1, company name freedom of choice;

2, the company's business scope restrictions rarely;

3, Hong Kong companies allow no business, allowing the shell company exist;

4, Hong Kong company without capital verification, the registered capital arbitrary increase, but in any money;

Overseas the company registered

Registered overseas company will have to pay attention to the following conditions: (due to different countries required shareholders proxy different please note)

Firstly, the basic requirements: two directors or two shareholders, a secretary, Entrust local agent, local registered address. But the total cost has including first year registration fees and address the annual fee, the file cost.

2, general established company time to 30 working days.

3, each year some countries may have to pay taxes, years of careful cost.

4, Britain, isle, Ireland to deliver the company registered the value added tax of $4000 a year (customer another pay packets and do not total cost).

5, Australia specified local director, secretary each a registration fee inclusive.

6, overseas the company annual mailing cost extra (depending on the delivery times, if requested entrust local director, secretary, business center services, the price be discussed separately)

Industry the authentication

Electric products CE certification

CE "mark is a kind of security authentication marks, be regarded as manufacturers open and enter the European market passport. Those who labeled" CE "mark products can be in the eu members domestic sales, do not need to conform to the requirements of each member, so as to realize the goods in the eu member states within the scope of the free circulation. The goal is to establish a league nature of the uniform market: one can do not have any trade barriers, can free trade market. Consistent product European method and CE mark adoption, and cancelled the eu between different product rules, manufacturers and exporters